Barbados Sailing Week 2021

Owing to the restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, several overseas sailing ships have indicated that they would not be able to participate in the Barbados Sailing Week 2021.  As a result, The Barbados Cruising Club took the decision to cancel this big event for 2021, and to organize a scaled-down event in its place.

Consequently, the Mount Gay Barbados Round Barbados is postponed until 2022 and a 3-day sailing event, comprising the following, will be organized for 2021:

19/20th January         

Registration  2:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Skippers Briefing Barbados Sailing Week  6:00 pm                                  

Welcome Party  7:00 pm 

21st January                

An off-shore event for all local and overseas sailing yachts along the South and West coasts of Barbados. 

Presentation and Party held at the Barbados Cruising Club. 

 23rd January              

A fun day at the Barbados Cruising Club and Barbados Yacht Club.

Activities to be announced.

 24th January              

2 coastal races for local and overseas yachts.

Presentation and Party held at the Barbados Yacht Club.

Any overseas participants interested in competing are welcome and may contact us to register, and if already registered, can provide us with their arrival dates.

Please note that Covid-19 protocols are in effect and a link to these protocols will be posted on the website shortly. We advise all participants to look at these regularly; they might change!

The registration form has been updated and is available both using this link

and the link on under Racing -> Entry form

Wayne Gonsalves,

Sailing Captain,

Barbados Cruising Club

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